So happy with my Fly-go!

augustus 16, 2015 in blog, Blog berichten door Michelle Dujardin


I can write a whole story about how I found my (almost) new car with lots of luck. It was exactly what I was looking for: a totally white Toyota Aygo. I had a plan in mind. My new car had to be white so I could represent my work on it. I already knew what painting I wanted to use for it: a hugh flamingo! When I told my daughter about my plans, she only agreed with my plan if I added her favorite painting of a cute mouse. I agreed with her and we had a deal. I searched for some weeks until I came across the right car. It was perfect for me.

When I finally got it, for a moment I thought that I’d better leave it white, because it was pretty as it was.

I don’t know about your country; here in the Netherlands there are Aygo’s everywhere, on every corner and in every street – especially white ones . So after a week I decided I had seen enough natural whites and started designing and redesigning. After some feedback from my daughter and her 7 year old friend, I came up with this:


aygo sticker

achterzijde aygo

I’ am really happy with the car and trying my upper best to behave and drive as correct as possible. I have to, if I now cut off somebody he or she will know where to find me…

Are you interested in decoration your car with my watercolors? Feel free to contact me for information!

michelle in aygo


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