My name is Michelle Dujardin, I live and work in he Netherlands as an artist and writer.

After finishing my study in Health Psychology I decided to follow my heart and started to draw and paint more and more. Not long after, I started to work as a painter and developed my own style.

While I was studying I had been searching for a combination between art and Psychology but couldn’t find anything that really suited me. I also became more interested in Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy and that brought the world of art and Psychology together. It was the work of Frederick Franck – books about Zen seeing/ drawing – that blew my mind (litterly 🙂 ). Apparently this had been what I was looking for all along. This spontaneous and free way of sketching ‘blind’ has become the basis of my most recent work and I also use it as a meditation technique. I am so enthusiastic about this drawing technique, that I decided to write several books about ‘Zen drawing’ in Dutch and English, so everyone can learn how to draw and meditate in this wonderful way.

My interest in Buddhism and meditation also comes out in my work. I tend to leave ‘irrelevant’ details away and to draw and paint from a state of stillness and open heartiness and hope that this shows up in my work and paintings.

If you would like to learn more about Zen drawing, take a look at my information website here.

Below some video’s that show me while drawing.